Where the River Begins

thomas locker

Bibliographical Information: Locker, T. (1984). Where the River Begins. New York: Dial Books.

Brief Annotation: In this book, a grandfather and his grandsons travel in search of the beginning of a river (as the title states).  The illustrations provide great detail into this simplistic story.

Genre: Questioning

Grade Level: Pre-K-K

Readers who will like this: This book is a book I would read to children in the kindergarten age level because it leaves them wondering where this river leads.  I found myself thoroughly enjoying the paintings in this book and would also recommend this book to older people as well.

Rating/Response: 4.5 I wish this book had a little more text with it but I really enjoyed the artwork in this book.  I also enjoyed the concept of the grandfather going on this journey with his grandsons because it was very heartfelt.

One question you would ask before a read aloud: Can you think of a time where you wondered where something began and ended?  Something like a rainbow or a river?  Who were you with and what did you do?

Reading Strategy: Questioning

Rationale for Strategy: This book prompts young children into questioning where the river begins.  This book also provides teachers and students for a great discussion into why they think their ideas are correct about the beginning of the river.

Posted by: Brittany Billiet


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