Bibliographic Information: Rylant, C. (1998). Scarecrow. San Diego, Calif: Harcourt Brace.

Brief Annotation: The scarecrow in this story is living a simple and happy life.  He is okay with who he is and is okay only having a little.

Genre: Visualization

Grade Level: Pre-K-3

Readers who will like this: I found myself really enjoying this book because it opened my eyes to realizing how I don’t need everything in the world to be happy.  I only need the simple things that truly make life what it is.  I think this is a feeling that we begin to understand as we get older so I think it is great to start bringing in this mindset to younger readers as well.

Rating/Response: 4.5  I loved this book for it’s simplicity.  I LOVED the illustrations as well as the way the writer made scarecrows a happy object in our world.  Too often they seem sad, lonely, and scary, and I don’t think they should be portrayed this way.

One question you would ask before a read aloud: What makes you happy?  Do you need a lot of things to make you happy?  If so, what do you REALLY need?

Reading Strategy: Visualization

Rationale for Strategy: This book was chosen because I was intrigued with the pictures which made me interested in the book itself.  It is a very simple book but it sends a great message for all ages: be happy with what you have and remember you don’t need everything in order to live a great life.

Posted by: Brittany Billiet


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