When Sophie Gets Angry–Really, Really Angry…

Bibliographic Information: Bang, M. (1999). When Sophie Gets Angry–Really, Really Angry…. New York: Blue Sky Press.

Brief Annotation: Emotions are one of the main aspects of our lives and as children grow, they are learning how to handle their emotions.  This book addresses the topic of anger and what a certain person does when they are angry.

Genre: Making Connections

Grade Level: Pre-K-3

Readers who will like this: Any student or reader who has ever been angry can relate to this book.  When I was little, I would “run away” when I was frustrated or angry but never went too far.  It definitely helped me cool off and I think this is something a lot of readers can relate to.

Rating/Response: 3.5  I think this book provides children with a great basis for discussion on the topic of anger.  Instead of running away, a discussion can be brought up about what else can be done instead of running away.

One question you would ask before a read aloud: When we get angry, we do certain things.  What do you do when you get angry?

Reading Strategy: Making Connections

Rationale for Strategy: I chose this book because all students get angry and some get more angry than others.  Having a discussion about anger is important in the classroom because it can let students see that they aren’t the only ones that get angry sometimes.  It also lets the teacher see how students handle their anger.

Posted by: Brittany Billiet


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