Madeline’s Rescue

Bibliographic Information: Bemelmans, Ludwig. Madeline’s Rescue. New York: Viking, 1953.

Brief Annotation: The girls of Miss Clavel’s boarding school are on their daily walk, when Madeline slips and falls off the bridge into the Seine River, she would have drowned if not for a heroic stray dog who came to the rescue.  The girls took the dog home and named her Genevieve, but Lord Cucuface does not approve and kicks Geneveive out.  The girls rebel and look all over the city for their new dog but can’t find her until there’s another accident.

Genre: Fiction

Grade Level: K-3

Readers who will like this: Students will enjoy this book if they enjoy the Madeline books, books about dogs, or have ever been in a situation where they felt like they needed to be rescued, such as falling into a pool, falling off a bike, etc.

Rating/Response: 5 – I have always loved the Madeline books, but I particularly enjoyed this one, especially with the double meaning of the title.  The story is written in delightful verse that keeps the tone light enough for young readers.

One question you would ask before a read aloud: Can you think of a time you helped someone?

Reading Strategy: Important Ideas

Rationale for Strategy: Madeline’s Rescue teaches the importance of safety precautions as well as the importance of helping those who helped you.

Posted by: Olivia Cyr


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