The Wall

Bibliographic Information: Bunting, Eve, and Ronald Himler. The Wall. New York: Clarion, 1990.

Brief Annotation: A son and his father spend the day at Vietnam Memorial searching for his grandfather’s name. While the boy’s father is searching he observes a solider and schoolgirls leave mementos in front of the wall. When the father finds his father’s name on the wall he traces it using a piece of paper. The father then takes a picture of his son out from his pocket. He has the boy lay the picture in front of the wall. The son and father honor his grandfather for what he did for their country.

Genre: Historical Fiction

Grade Level: 1-3

Readers who will like this: Students who are interested in history or have an understanding of the Vietnam War and Memorial will have special interest in The Wall.

Rating/Response: 3. I found The Wall to be a touching story about a son and father who spend the day honoring his grandfather. I have visited the Vietnam Memorial and was able to make a connection while I read the story.

One question you would ask before a read aloud: What is a memorial? What are memorials meant to do?

Reading Strategy: Asking Questions

Rationale for Strategy: I think The Wall is good choice to use when teaching students about honoring the people that serve our country. Many students may not understand what a memorial is or the purpose of a memorial. Through reading The Wall students will relate with the boy as he questions the Vietnam Memorial and it’s significance.

Posted by: Kelsey Peterson


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