The Girl Who Loved Wild Horses

Bibliographic Information: Goble, Paul. The Girl Who Loved Wild Horses. New York: Aladdin Paperbacks: Simon & Schuster, 1978. Print.

Brief Annotation: This is a story about a young Native American girl who loves horses. She understands horses in a very special way. She eventually becomes one of them to forever run free.

Genre: Fiction/Native American Folktale

Grade Level: 2 – 6

Reader who will like this: Readers who enjoy cultural stories would love this book! Any reader could connect through the imagery and rich language.

Rating/Response: 5 – This story is beautifully written and illustrated and portrays the Native American culture in a genuine way. That being said, this book might be difficult for younger students as an independent read, and would be better suited as a read aloud. I would definitely use this as an introduction to a lesson/unit revolving around the Native American culture.

One question you would ask before a read aloud: Have you ever felt like you connect to something in a special way? Explain.

Reading Strategy: Synthesizing

Rationale for Strategy: Students can take the information presented in the story and connect that to information regarding the Native American culture as a whole. They can also synthesize the sequence of events to find deeper themes.

Posted by: Emma Henke


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