Pink and Say

Bibliographic Information: Polacco, Patricia. Pink and Say. New York: Philomel, 1994. Print.
Brief Annotation: This is an insightful story about Pink, a white man, and Say, an African American Union soldier, who become friends during the Civil War. They help each other out and learn from each other while facing hardships, showing that true friendship does not discriminate. 

Genre: Historical Fiction

Grade Level: 3-6

Reader who will like this: Readers who enjoy learning about history will certainly enjoy this tale centered on the American Civil War. This book would likely appeal to males, which is highly important to note, in addition to females.

Rating/Response: 5 – This story is magnificently written and the illustrations do not distract from the deeper meaning within the text. This would be an awesome book to use as an introductory read aloud for the topic of the Civil War. Patricia Polacco does a nice job of celebrating humanity and differences within this story.

One question you would ask before a read aloud: We know that this book is about the Civil War. Based on the title and cover of the book, what can we predict that the book is going to be about and why? Who do you think Pink and Say are and why?

Reading Strategy: Important Ideas

Rationale for Strategy: I do not think that we can stress enough to students how important it is not to judge someone based on the color of his or her skin. This book celebrates diversity but also addresses key ideas revolving around the Civil War and American history.

Posted by: Emma Henke


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