The Sweetest Fig

Bibliographic Information: Van, Allsburg Chris. The Sweetest Fig. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1993.
Brief Annotation: Mr. Bibot is a dentist who lives in France with his little dog Marcel. One of Mr. Bibot’s patients paid him with two figs and claimed that they could make his dreams come true. Later that night Mr. Bibot eats one of the figs and the next day his dream of walking around Paris in his underwear came true. Mr. Bibot decides he wants to dream of becoming the richest man on the earth, but just as he is about to eat the second fig Marcel snatches it! The next morning Marcel’s dream comes true.
Genre: Fiction
Grade Level: 3-4
Readers who will like this: Students will enjoy The Sweetest Fig because it allows them to imagine what would happen if their dreams came true. It explores the idea of dreaming in a humorous matter.
Rating/Response: 2.The Sweetest Fig had a unique story line and illustrations, however I couldn’t connect with Mr. Bibot because he wasn’t a very relatable or nice character.
One question you would ask before a read aloud: Have you ever had a dream feel so real that when you work up the next morning you thought it actually happened?
Reading Strategy: Making Inferences
Rationale for Strategy: Children will explore the ideas of making inferences when they try to understand what is happening to Mr. Bibot. They will attempt to figure out what will happen next throughout the story.
Posted by: Kelsey Peterson

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