Bibliographic Information: Sís, Peter. Madlenka. New York: Frances Foster, 2000

Brief Annotation: Madlenka’s tooth is loose, she must tell everyone!  She goes on a journey around the world without leaving her block when she goes to visit her neighbors, the french baker, the Indian newsman, the Latin grocer, and more!

Genre: Fiction

Grade Level: kindergarten-3

Reader who will like this: Students who enjoy books different cultures, big cities, or characters they can relate to.

Rating/Response: 5, I love how this book takes you on an adventure around the world from the perspective of a little girl going to tell her friends about a loose tooth.  It reminds me of the excitement I used to have when my teeth came loose, and I think that will be very relate-able to students.

One question you would ask before a read aloud: Is it possible to travel around the world without leaving your block?

Reading Strategy: Questioning

Rationale for Strategy: This book is a wonderful choice for questioning as it gets students’ minds thinking about the different things in different countries.  This is sure to spike their curiosity.

Posted by: Olivia Cyr


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