Little Loon and Papa

Bibliographic Information: Buzzeo, Toni. Little Loon and Papa. New York: Dial for Young Readers, 2004

Brief Annotation: Little loon hates diving lessons, no matter how he tries he can never quite dive like papa.  One day when papa is demonstrating, little loon swims away.  He swims to far and gets lost, running into bears, moose, and beavers on his way back to his papa.

Genre: Fiction

Grade Level: Kindergarten-2

Reader who will like this: Students who enjoy books about animals, students who are interested in MN

Rating/Response: 5, this easy to read book has beautiful pictures and I love how it features loons, a unique choice that I particularly appreciated having grown up in Minnesota and spent many summers on the lakes up north trying to get a good look at the loons before they dive under the water.

One question you would ask before a read aloud: Has anyone ever seen a loon dive?

Reading Strategy: Free Choice (Picture)

Rationale for Strategy: This is a great book, especially for those in Minnesota, where the loon is the state bird.

Posted by: Olivia Cyr


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