Bibliographic Information: Winter, J., & Juan, A. (2002). Frida. New York: Arthur A. Levine Books.

Brief Annotation: A wold wide famous painter called Frida Kahlo lived a life full of struggles, lets walk through her child her journey to find out how those struggles influenced her life and how painting helped her get through those struggles.

Genre: Biography

Grade Level: K-4

Readers who will like this: Children who enjoy art; children who like to learn about different cultures; who enjoy biographies.

Rating/Response: 5- This is such an amazing book that gives factual information about Frida Kahlo’s life journey. In addition the illustrations are very vivid and realistic to the the life she lived while growing up, they all connect making this story even more interesting.

One question you would ask before a read aloud: Think about when you paint, what do you feel when you are painting?

Reading Strategy: Social Studies

Rationale for Strategy: In Social studies children are able to learn about different famous woman that influenced the world, Frida Kahlo was one of those women, this a great book to introduce her and her works as an artist.

Posted by: Yesenia Corral


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