Dory Story

Bibliographic Information: Pallotta, Jerry, and David Biedrzycki. Dory Story. Watertown, MA: Talewinds, 2000. 

Brief Annotation: Danny’s parents told him never to go out in the boat alone. After learning about plankton, Danny desired to see and learn more. He took the boat out into the bay where he witnessed the food chain in the works! Danny’s boat capsized and he grew fearful of the hungry fish. He swam as fast as he could to the rock in the middle of the bay where he heard his mother yelling to him, “Danny, you tell the best stories when you’re in the bathtub!”

Genre: Adventure, Fantasy

Grade Level: 1-3

Readers who will like this: Students who like learning about marine animals and nature will enjoy this story. Students will like the adventure Danny takes them on as he explores the bay and fish living within it.

Rating/Response: 4. I really liked Dory Story. I was engaged throughout the story and caught by surprise at end. The text was informational about the food chain and involved rich illustrations.

One question you would ask before a read aloud: Does anyone know anything about the food chain?

Reading Strategy: Synthesizing

Rationale for Strategy: While reading Dory Story students will activate their prior knowledge of the food chain and make inferences about what will happen to Danny as he is stranded in the middle of the bay in his boat.

Posted by: Kelsey Peterson


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