Bibliographic Information: Dorros, Arthur, Elisa Kleven, and Barbara Powderly. Abuela. New York: Dutton Children’s, 1991.
Brief Annotation: Abuela is about a grandmother and granddaughter who spend the day together at the park. It starts with feeding the birds, but then the two explore the world as go on an adventure in the sky.
Genre: Fiction
Grade Level: 1-3
Readers who will like this: Students will enjoy this book if they like going on adventures and exploring the unknown. The book also offers students to learn a few Spanish words.
Rating/Response: 3. I liked Abuela because of its rich and brightly colored illustrations. I liked the imagination the author used as the grandmother and granddaughter flew up with the clouds looking down at the world.
One question you would ask before a read aloud: Who has ever gone on an adventure?
Reading Strategy: Visualization
Rationale for Strategy: Abuela allows students to activate their imagination as the grandmother and granddaughter go on an adventure. Students can picture themselves experiencing the adventure through the colorful and detailed illustrations.
Posted by: Kelsey Peterson

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