Snow Music

Bibliographic Information: Perkins, Lynne R. Snow Music. New York: Greenwillow Books, 2003. Print.

Brief Annotation: This book captures a soundscape of falling snow and the animals, people, and objects that interact with it. It also subtly and creatively follows the story of two boys, one of whom has lost his dog in the snow.

Genre: Poetry, Fiction

Grade Level: K-2

Readers who will like this: Children who love snow/winter; children who like spending time outside; children who enjoy making music.

Rating/ Response: 5 – Beautiful illustrations with an even more beautiful set of sounds to go along with it. It fosters creativity and truly creates a movie in your mind. It has to be shared and experienced with a group of excited students making the sounds!

One question you would ask before a read aloud: What sort of sounds do you make when you do your favorite activities in the snow? (sledding, snowball fights, etc.)

Reading strategy: Visualization, Science

Rationale for strategy: Visualization is not merely visual; it uses all the senses to capture the setting and characters of a book. This book particularly focuses on the sounds of winter and makes for an excellent visualization/music lesson that asks students to be the “soundtrack” for the book. I got some of my ideas from the author’s blog ( when writing a lesson for first grade standards. You could easily transition into a science lesson with this book as well, but it stands on its own as a musical treat.

Posted by: Caitlin Miller


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