The Secret of the Mansion (Trixie Belden #1)

Bibliographic Information: Campbell, Julie. The Secret of the Mansion. New York: Random House, 2003

Brief Annotation: This book is about a girl named Trixie who thinks her summer is going to be incredibly boring since her brothers are away at camp.  However, things look up when a new family moves into the nearby mansion, and they have a girl who is Trixie’s age.

Genre: Fiction

Grade Level: 3-7

Readers who will like this: Students who enjoy mysteries and detectives, those who enjoy strong female characters.

Rating/Response: 5 – This is a book that can be enjoyed by a wide range of ages, and will be especially attractive to girls as Trixie, her best friend Honey, and the other female characters are very relatable.

One question you would ask before a read aloud: Have you ever solved a mystery?

Reading Strategy: Free Choice (Chapter)

Rationale for Strategy: This book is the beginning of a mystery series that rivals the Nancy Drew books.

Posted by: Olivia Cyr


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