Lemonade Standoff

Bibliographic Information: Aboff, Marcie, and Troy Olin. The Lemonade Standoff. Minneapolis, MN: Picture Window, 2008. Print.

Brief Annotation: This book is a group of friends who are competing to sell yellow and pink lemonade to see which one is the best flavor.

Genre: fiction

Grade Level: K-2

Readers who will like this: Children who likes math.

Rating/Response: 4 I thought this book was a great read. There are little drawings on the side to keep track on how many cups of lemonade that were sold.

One question you would ask before a read aloud: Looking at the cover and title, what do you think this book will be about? Why?

Reading Strategy: Mathematics

Rationale for Strategy: This book would be great for visualization because many of the poems are very descriptive and lend themselves to creating images in the mind.  Students could draw what they see in their minds as the teacher reads the poems.

Posted by: Lisa Lor


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