Time Train

Bibliographic Information: Fleischman, Paul, and Claire Ewart. Time Train. [New York, N.Y]: Harper Collins Publishers, 1991. Print.

Brief Annotation: This story is about some students and their teacher who embark on a journey to learn about dinosaurs and soon find themselves living with them instead of just learning about them!

Genre: Fiction

Grade Level: 2

Readers who will like this: Readers who enjoy an exciting story with engaging pictures will love falling into this story and becoming a part of this grand adventure.

Rating/ Response: 5- This story is short with not many words, but the pictures definitely make up for that. The readers not only read the story, but become a part of it.

One question you would ask before a read aloud: Who has ever been on a train? Where did you go?

Reading Strategy: Social Studies

Rationale for strategy: This story is a time train and travels along a timeline as the students are brought back into the time of the dinosaurs.

Posted by: Katie de St. Aubin


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