Two Ways to Count to Ten


Bibliographic Information: Dee, R., & Meddaugh, S. (1988). Two Ways to Count to Ten: A Liberian Folktale. New York: H. Holt.

Brief Annotation: King Leopard plans a contest to find determine who is clever enough to rule the jungle and marry his daughter. The winner must be able to throw his spear up in the air and count to ten before it hits the ground.

Genre: Folk Tale

Grade Level: 1-2

Readers who will like this: Readers learning to count by number patterns; readers who like animal stories

Rating/Response: 4 This tale emphasizes the strength of the mind by encouraging readers to think outside the box and put their counting skills to use.

One question you would ask before a read aloud: “Is there more than one way we can count to ten?”

Reading Strategy: Math

Rationale for Strategy: This book is a great way to motivate student to apply and practice their knowledge of number patterns and counting strategies.

Posted by: Sammi Keller


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