The Snowy Day


Bibliographic Information: Keats, Ezra Jack. The Snowy Day. New York: Penguin Books, 1962. Print.

Brief Annotation: This story is about a young boy that discovers what he can do in snow.  The activities he finds himself doing are endless.  Students will love see and hearing what the young boy finds fun about snow.

Genre: Fiction

Grade Level: K-1

Readers who will like this: Readers who learning about snow, or about describing what actions are and how to use them will find this book particularly interesting.

Rating/ Response: 4 – This book is carefree, fun, and innovative for children as they explore what activities to spend their day with.  It has great pictures and words that are easy to read or understand.

One question you would ask before a read aloud: What do you like to do in the snow?  Why?

Reading Strategy: Free Choice (Picture)

Rationale for Strategy: Students can brainstorm what snow is, how it feels, smells, reacts to human contact, and will learn how to write about their daily activities.

Posted by: Alexa Wachter


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