Bibliographic Information: Mikaelsen, B. (1998). Petey. New York: Hyperion Books for Children.

Brief Annotation: Set in 1922, Petey shares the perspective of a patient suffering unidentified Cerebral Palsy. Unable to communicate, Petey manages to form meaningful friendships with those who come and go in his life.

Genre: Juvenile Literature

Grade Level: 5-7

Readers who will like this: Readers who are familiar/unfamiliar with Cerebral Palsy; readers who enjoy stories of friendship

Rating/Response: 5 This book shares an incredibly touching story from an unfamiliar perspective. This story goes to show the huge impact that hope and friendship can have on a person life.

One question you would ask before a read aloud: Does anyone know a person who was born with Cerebral Palsy?

Reading Strategy: Teaching Disabilities

Rationale for Strategy: This story can be used as a powerful and eye-opening tool in teaching students about disabilities.

Posted by: Sammi Keller


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