Bibliographic Information: Thomson, B. (2010). Chalk. New York: Marshall Cavendish Children.

Brief Annotation: A bag of chalk and imagination provide a surprising afternoon for three children at the playground when their illustrations come to life before their eyes.

Genre: Fantasy

Grade Level: Preschool-2nd grade

Readers who will like this: children who like to tell stories; children who like to draw; children who like magic; children who cannot read; children who like dinosaurs

Rating/Response: 5 Vibrant illustrations do all the narration in Thomson’s magical tale. Told through and based on the power of imagination, this book gives kids of every age an exciting story to share.

One question you would ask before a read aloud: Besides using words, what is another way to tell a story?

Reading Strategy: Inferences

Rationale for Strategy: Using illustrations to reason an explanation, this story puts students in charge of sharing a story whether they can read or not.

Posted by: Sammi Keller


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