Just One Bite

Bibliographic Information: Schaefer, Lola. (2010). Just One Bite. San Francisco: Chronicle Books.

Brief Annotation: This book uses life size illustrations to explore 11 different animals and what they can eat in just one bite.

Genre: Nonfiction

Grade Level: K-3

Readers who will like this: Children who like animals; children who are interested in what animals eat.

Rating/Response: 4 This book is a great tool for students to see how much food certain animals can eat. The illustrations are all life size so it helps students see how big these animals and their food are in the real world. There are also interesting facts about each animal at the end of the book.

One question you would ask before a read aloud: How much can you eat in one bite?

Reading Strategy: Science

Rationale for Strategy: This book is great for science because it puts perspective on the size of the animals and their food. It could lead to discussions on the food chain, different sizes of animals, and animal eating habits (carnivore, herbivore, omnivore).

Posted by: Jenna Bosch


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