The Coin Counting Book

Bibliographic Information: Williams, Rozanne Lanczak. The Coin Counting Book. Watertown, MA: Charlesbridge, 2001. Print.

Brief Annotation: This book starts with counting pennies one-by-one and then it shows ten pennies, which explains how that could be a nickels.  The book continues this technique until we have counted up to one dollar.  Then at the end of the book, it shows us another diagram depicting once again what each set of coins ends up equaling in coins.

Genre: Fiction

Grade Level: Depends on state standards, but it could possibly be used 2-6.

Readers who will like this: Students who are interested in counting and money.  Around the elementary level, a lot of students are given their first few coins or allowance of some sort.  After receiving a small amount of money, students grow an interest with spending or saving money, either way this gets them excited about money and this book will help that.

Rating/Response: 5 – I thought this book did an excellent job of clearly showing how to count money and what it means.  Counting money can be difficult and this book could make it a lot easier for them.

One question you would ask before a read aloud: Has anyone tried to count coins before?  It can be quite difficult!  So let’s look at a book that will help us.

Reading Strategy: Math

Rationale for Strategy: I placed this book under the mathematics category because it goes along with counting money, which is a part of the state standards for mathematics.

Posted by: Breanna Richey


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