Four Feet, Two Sandals

Bibliographic Information: Williams, Karen L., Khadra Mohammed, and Doug Chayka. Four Feet, Two Sandals. Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans for Young Readers, 2007. Print.

Brief Annotation: This is an inviting story about two young female refugees from the Peshawar refugee camp in Pakistan. The main characters, Lina and Feroza, meet as they are scrambling to get clothing from relief workers. Lina, enthralled about finding a beautiful sandal, sees that Feroza has the matching shoe. A relationship forms as they decide to share the pair of shoes while going about their everyday routines. The sandals, a direct representation of their friendship, is a constant reminder to them of the importance of love and companionship.

Genre: Fiction

Grade Level: 1 – 6

Readers who will like this: Any reader could relate to this story centered on friendship. Those who are interested in learning about refugees around the world and the realities of their everyday lives would thoroughly enjoy this beautiful and empathetic tale. Readers who are refugees themselves would surely appreciate this story as well.

Rating/Response: 5 – I love how the story focuses on the friendship between the two main characters, but also does a wonderful job of displaying the realities of what life as a refugee entails.

One question you would ask before a read aloud: Have you every heard the word refugee before? If so, what does it mean? This is a book about two young refugees. Based on the cover, what can you infer about what a refugee is and what daily life is like for a refugee?

Reading Strategy: Social Studies

Rationale for Strategy: This book would be a wonderful Social Studies book for any teacher of any grade to have in his or her classroom. It is realistic, respectful, and informative all at the same time and portrays the realities of living life as a refugee. This book would be beneficial for elementary-aged students, as they may find that they are not so different from the main characters in the story, making it all the more relatable and relevant.

Posted by: Emma Henke


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