The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs

Bibliographic Information: Scieszka, J., & Smith, L. (1989). The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs: By A. Wolf. New York: Viking Penguin.

Brief Annotation: A tale we’re all familiar with has a new twist as the wolf tells us his version of the Three Little Pigs.

Genre: Fiction

Grade Level: 2-4

Readers who will like this: Readers who have heard the Three Little Pigs; Readers who enjoy voice

Rating/Response: 5 By challenging readers to see a classic from a new perspective, this book entertains audiences young and old. A. Wolf’s unexpected charisma keeps readers second-guessing their beliefs throughout this humorous story.

One question you would ask before a read aloud: How can perspective change our understanding of something?

Reading Strategy: Perspective

Rationale for Strategy: This book can be used as a great tool in teaching students the power of perspective.

Posted by: Sammi Keller


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