Math Curse


Bibliographic Information: Scieszka, J. (1995). Math Curse. New York: Penguin Group.

Brief Annotation: You know those days when everything seems to be a problem?  This is what happens to the main character in Math curse, until the student finds a unique solution.

Genre: Picture Book

Grade Level: K-3

Readers who will like this: Readers who enjoy math or readers who experience math anxiety.

Rating/Response: 5 This is my new favorite book.  The illustrations are incredible, and the language is incredibly funny.  As someone who experiences math anxiety, I found the book refreshing, and I felt that I could really connect with the narrator.

One question you would ask before a read aloud: Have you ever thought about how the information we learn in one subject can be applied to many areas of our lives?

Reading Strategy: Math

Rationale for Strategy: This book would be a great way to start off a math lesson.  It will get students excited about learning, and it will help alleviate some of the anxiety that students feel.

Posted by: Emily Busch


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