Chester’s Way

Bibliographic Information: Henkes, K. (1988). Chester’s Way. New York: Greenwillow Books.

Brief Annotation: Chester and his best friend Wilson are like two peas in a pod – they like the same things and do everything together. But then Lilly moves into the neighborhood and she is very different from Chester and Wilson, and everything changes.

Genre: Fantasy

Grade Level: K-3

Readers who will like this: Children who like stories with animals as the main characters; children who have friends that have the same interests as themselves; children who have had the experience of meeting someone different than themselves.

Rating/Response: 4 This book captures a situation everyone encounters in their life: meeting and making new friends. The story has some repetitiveness to it, so students can easily predict what might happen next in the story.

One question you would ask before a read aloud: Have you ever met someone who is very different from you? How did it feel to meet someone new?

Reading Strategy: First Days

Rationale for Strategy: This book would make a great read aloud for the first few days of school because it talks about meeting new people and making new friends, which is what all students will face when they begin a new school year.

Posted by: Jenna Bosch


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