Seven Blind Mice


Bibliographic Information:  Young, Ed.  Seven Blind Mice.  (1992). New York: Scholastic Inc. Publishing.

Brief Annotation:  This book is about seven blind mice that are very colorful and very curious.  The find themselves coming up against all sorts of objects, even a snake.

Genre: Fiction

Grade Level: K-1

Readers who will like this: Children who are not only learning their colors, and numbers, but also the days of the week would really find this book helpful.

Rating/Response: 3 This book shows great color on black paper.  The illustrations were award winning.  Ed Young is a great Asian ethnic narrator.  He brings art into reading wonderfully.

One question you would ask before a read aloud: Have you mastered your counting abilities?  What about your colors, and days of the week?  If so, can you help me read this book?!

Reading Strategy: Mathematics

Rationale for Strategy: This book would make a great early book to read to kindergarteners who are being introduced to colors, numbers, animals, and days of the week.

Posted by: Alexa Wachter


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